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China best Inline Planetary Gearbox Speed Reducer replacement of Bonfigliol 300L Series with Free Design Custom

Inline Planetary Gear Drives Speed Reducer Gearbox replacement of Bonfigliol 300L Series

Alternatives Models to Bonfiglioli gearboxes

Our Planetary gearbox, Wheel drive gearbox, Winch drive gearbox, and Track drive gearbox, the installation size is exactly the same as Trasmital bonfiglioli, and the performance parameters are very close to Trasmital bonfiglioli, which can be used as a substitute for Trasmital bonfiglioli products.

Tipo Torque Nm
EP300L EP300L1 /EP300L2 /EP300L3 /EP300L4 1000
EP301L EP301L1 /EP301L2 /EP301L3 /EP301L4 1750
EP303L EP303L1 /EP303L2 /EP303L3 /EP303L4 2500
EP305L EP305L1 /EP305L2 /EP305L3 /EP305L4 5000
EP306L EP306L1 /EP306L2 /EP306L3 /EP306L4 8500
EP307L EP307L1 /EP307L2 /EP307L3 /EP307L4 12500
EP309L EP309L1 /EP309L2 /EP309L3 /EP309L4 18000
EP310L EP310L1 /EP310L2 /EP310L3 /EP310L4 25000
EP311L EP311L1 /EP311L2 /EP311L3 /EP311L4 40000
EP313L EP313L1 /EP313L2 /EP313L3 /EP313L4 55000
EP315L EP315L1 /EP315L2 /EP315L3 /EP315L4 100000
EP316L EP316L1 /EP316L2 /EP316L3 /EP316L4 135000
EP317L EP317L1 /EP317L2 /EP317L3 /EP317L4 170000
EP318L EP318L1 /EP318L2 /EP318L3 /EP318L4 250000
EP319L EP319L1 /EP319L2 /EP319L3 /EP319L4 350000
EP321L 321L1/321L2/321L3/321L4 500000

Superior Performance of Inline Planetary Gearbox 

The Ever-power EP300 Series inline planetary gear reducer is the best gearbox solution for all applications requiring high torque with minimal dimensions such as fixed industrial equipment and heavy self-propelled machines. This planetary gear transmission solution offers a substantial improvement over ordinary gearboxes in terms of space occupation and weight This gearbox combines high performance with low cost and compact size, excellent reliability simple installation, and reduced maintenance The EP300L series planetary gearboxes come in a range of sizes to ensure optimum duration and silent running in all sorts of applications The NB300L Series is also available in a high power version, linking the performance of our planetary technology with the high quality and reliability of gearboxes: a solution that is more efficient, quieter, more compact, and more cost-effective compared with traditional gear units.

Key Features of Inline Planetary Reducer

1 . Torque range: 1000-450.000 Nm
2. Transmissible mechanical power. up to 540 kW
3. Gear ratios: 34-9.000
4 . Gear unit versions: inline
5. Output configurations
1 ) Foot and flange mounted
2 ) Output shaft: solid with key, splined, splined hollow
3 ) Hollow with shrink disc
6 . Input configurations
1 ) Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors
2 ) Hydraulic orbit motors
3 ) IEC and NEMA motor adaptors
4 ) Solid input shaft
7 . Hydraulic brake: hydraulically released parking brake
8 . Electric brake. DC and AC type

Application of Inline Planetary Reducer

Construction (dryers, crushing machines, mixing mills, cranes, mobile scaffolds)
Material handling (gantry cranes, mobile dock cranes, movable stocks, bridge cranes)
Waste and sewage treatment (rotating filters, thickeners, clarifiers, Warm hoists, agitators)
Mine and quarry machines (drilling and excavation, machine, selectors, classifiers, conveyors, crushing machines)
Wind energy (pitch drives, yaw drives)
Substructures (movable roofs, movable gantries, piling)
Steel processing machines (conveyors, extruders, cutting machines, roll benders, rolling mills)
Food industry (mixing machines, mixers, conveyors, fruit extractor machines)

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